Guangbo Viet Nam Co., Ltd. comes off Opening Ceremony
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9:00 in the morning of 21 March 2019, an opening ceremony was held in Guangbo Viet Nam Co., Ltd., the general manager of Guangbo Group, Mr. JP Wang had hosted the ceremony. Right after the simple and solemn ceremony, the manufacturing of the first order of a hard cover note book was started in the workshops.


Since the announcement of the investment in Vietnam by the group company in October last year, the management team of Vietnam factory had overcome a lot unexpected challenges. As the first oversea factory of Guangbo, 17 Guangbo colleagues was appointed new positions in Vietnam, together with new joined Vietnam management team members, we had set up “a new Guangbo House”. Mentioned by the general manager of Guangbo Vietnam, Mr. Mingdong Li, “We shall thank the support of local government for registering us a duty-free factory, and we are grateful to the support of equipment suppliers who helped us install it in such tight schedule, and we shall thank all the Vietnam colleagues, they are grate people to work together. Opening ceremony is just a new start line, we welcome our customers and our sales teams – our internal customers – come over here, to visit the factory, and any suggestions and ideas to make us grow will be very much appreciated.”

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