Guangbo import and export company holds annual working meeting
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On the afternoon of February 22nd, Guangbo import and export company held the annual working meeting. More than 100 representatives of the company attended the meeting. Wang Jianjun, general manager of import and export company attended the meeting. Group general manager Wang Junping attended the meeting and made the important speech.

The meeting made a summative review of the past year's work, and pointed out that in the past year, import and export companies persisted in developing new products, exploring new markets and developing new businesses under the complicated international environment. It has still achieved satisfactory results. In the New Year of 2019, with the completion and operation of overseas bases, the company's competitiveness will be further strengthened. Then, the person in charge of each business segment and department made a systematic speech respectively. They discussed and communicated the deficiencies and problems in product design and marketing in the past year. For the successful experience, they carried on the thorough sharing.

The conference also commended the advanced workers, outstanding department managers and the winners of the special contribution award for 2018 to encourage their contributions to the development of import and export companies in the past year.

At the end of the meeting, Wang Junping, general manager of the group company, made an important speech. He acknowledged the achievements of the import and export company in the past year. He pointed out that under the environment of severe export situation, all the staff of Guangbo import and export company could still make steady progress step by step, which was not easy. He thanked all the staff for their efforts. He stressed that in the face of the external environment changes brought by Sino US trade war and industry pattern competition, the staff must foster strengths and circumvent weaknesses and transform crises into opportunities, and use overseas bases to create unique competitive advantage. It must grasp the detail management, promote more market costs, improve the service ability, and talk about “Guangbo story” on the global stage.

Finally, Wang Junping asked all the staff to make up their minds, build up confidence, determine a good goal and keep in good condition. Establish the concept of "customer-oriented, goal-oriented", transform difficulties into opportunities, summarize the process of solving difficulties into experience, correct attitude, strengthen consciousness, and strive for the realization of the new year's business indicators.

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